Equality Through Enterprise


We stand at the doorstep of destiny, holding the key

The necessity of owning and controlling established & thriving institutions is painfully clear. Institutions are necessary as they provide opportunities to members of the community and are a source of sustainable resources needed to solve the problems in the community. For so long, the building of institutions has seemed like an impossibility given the environment. Add to that, many of the institutions that had been established in the past were lost either due to destruction or a lack of support. At this crucial hour, we now have the skills, the access and the consciousness to bring about a shift in resources and in values that restores balance to the world for years to come. Let's Build.




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Areas of Focus


Engaging with potential and aspiring entrepreneurs at each life stage in order to inspire, educate and equip with the tools and knowledge needed to confidently begin the journey of entrepreneurship.


Creating access channels for individuals to invest directly into black owned businesses to create wealth and spur economic development. PGI also invests directly into ventures through an investment fund


Collaborating with aspiring and existing entrepreneurs and providing ongoing support in order to  overcome gaps that would prevent the business from reaching its fullest potential.

community impact

The lack of businesses and economic power in the black community has created a lack of opportunities and resources. This has compounded over time and resulted in many of the issues that continue to plague us today. As the shift intensifies, it is imperative that we keep community impact in focus. We partner with entrepreneurs to devise impact models that empower each business to have a sustainable impact in marginalized communities around the world. 


We must dare to invent the future.
— Thomas Sankara


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